Dream Nannies

After being closed away from the world for nearly two years, Australia finally reopened in December 2022. Allowing Working Holiday and Student Visa holders in – we welcome seeing our international Au Pairs on our shores once again.

But so many Working Holiday Makers aren’t here yet . Around 30,000 Working Holiday Visas have been issued but to encourage more much needed Backpackers, the Australian Government are issuing FREE Working Holiday Visas ( but HURRY only until April 19 2022!)

All Visa Application charges are to be refunded for international visitors who come to Australia on a 417 (Working Holiday ) or 462 ( Work and Holiday) Visa between January 19 and 19 April 2022. This Visa fee is normally AUD495 per year, so this is a significant saving! 

The Australian Government has pledged to process new Working Holiday Visa and student Visa applications quickly. So people have a realistic opportunity to travel to Australia by April deadline . Out of the new Working Holiday Visa applications submitted over the past few months, 90% were finalised with 18 days.  

Australia has so much to offer for all and now our Country is open again, there’s never been a better time to visit – but HURRY for your FREE Visa !