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Use Dream Nannies to find your nanny and benefit from our friendly, prompt service and get access to quality candidates.

Whether you are looking for a professional nanny, a mature nanny/housekeeper or a younger nanny to help out after school, we will source nannies specifically suited to your families’ needs,

Whatever your requirements A Dream Nanny will have the following qualities:

  • Relevant nannying or childcare experience
  • A Positive “CAN DO” Attitude
  • Professional Attitude
  • A Passion for Childcare
  • Glowing References
  • A genuine desire to help families and to go that extra mile

Once you register we will guide you through the recruitment process, select a short list of nannies and help you ensure you select the best Dream Nanny for your family.

Dream Nannies act as an Introduction Agency only when families engage a Nanny they become the employer.

Nannies who provide Sole Charge care to children are usually considered either employees or contractors. Nannies who work as employees aren’t covered by an award however they are entitled to the National Minimum Wage and the National Employment Standards.

We recommend that families seek advice regarding their responsibilities including Tax and Super Payments.


Dream Nannies have partnered with Domestic Payroll who provide Payroll Service for families employing a Nanny they can either help you set up or manage a payroll for you.

Their service is easy and affordable - Domestic Payroll website - www.domesticpayroll.com

Car Allowance

If the nanny is to use her own vehicle as a condition of employment, families usually pay mileage rates. The type of vehicle the nanny drives determines the exact kilometre rate. Current mileage rates are available from the NRMA and the Australian Taxation Office.


When a Nanny works over 30 hours per week you must make superannuation contributions on behalf of your employee.

For further information on your obligations as an employer of household workers go to Superannuation Obligations – Household Employees.

Insurance and Workcover

Insurance to cover your Nanny in the event of an accident is an important consideration. You are required by law to provide Worker’s Compensation for your employee whilst working for you in your home. This is not always covered by your Home and Contents Insurance, so you will need to check with your insurance company.

Currently each state has different regulations regarding workcover, so please enquire with your state’s Workcover body first.

Nanny Insurance

You may also wish that your nanny take out Nanny Insurance. Nanny insurance is a public liability insurance to protect you should your nanny have an accident with your child/children. It covers medical procedures and special care that is not covered under Medicare or Private Health Insurance. It also covers loss of wages and compensation.

For more information on Nanny Insurance contact –  Nannysure www.nannysure.com.au

Reducing the cost of your Nanny

To help families reduce cost of employing a nanny families can claim Childcare Benefit (CCB) if your nanny is a Registered Child Carer.

Nannies must be over 18, have a Childcare Qualification and a Tax File Number to be able to Register.

Eligible families can claim Child Care Benefit of up to 50 hours per child per week.
NB: You do not get the 50 % Childcare Rebate with Nannies. This is for Approved Care only.

For the latest information on Childcare Benefits available we recommend visiting - https://www.mychild.gov.au

Nanny Contract Agreement

We highly recommend a contract agreement which highlights both parties’ expectations of the following:

  • weekly or hourly pay rate, car allowance if applicable,
  • tax, superannuation and work cover insurance,
  • days, hours of work – start and finish times,
  • specific duties and any additional duties,
  • overtime rates for working outside set time,
  • annual recreation leave, sick leave, special leave, pay on public holidays etc.
  • conditions of salary review,
  • conditions of termination.

Other Benefits

Look at other benefits to make the job as attractive and enjoyable as possible.

Benefits you may wish to consider include:

  • Good living quarters (if applicable) supply good furnishings TV, CD, Video, Own Phone, Mobile Phone
  • Use of a car
  • Occasional late starts and early finishes
  • Health cover
  • Bonuses. Can include night out, movie tickets, pampering package, weekend away

If your nanny is a trusted and valued employee whom you wish to retain, then these incentives can go a long way in keeping a good nanny with your family for a long time.


Many Nannies cite poor communication as a reason for leaving a post, so take time at the beginning and the end of each day to discuss the children. If this isn’t possible, introduce a diary system which allows the nanny to record the events of the day including appointments, meals, social outings, sleep times and medications as well as the child’s developmental steps.

Consider a weekly review which involves an informal discussion allowing both parties to give and receive feedback.

Provide positive feedback and praise for a job well done; conversely, if you are unhappy in any way with the nannies performance, discuss this immediately.

Dream Nannies provide all our families with on-going support and advice – we are always happy to hear from our families!

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