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Why have a Nanny?

for your family

There are many benefits of using a nanny compared to using daycare:

  • Flexibility – Nannies work to suit your hours. They care for children that may not be suited to childcare or for families working shifts.
  • Individual Care – A nanny can spend more quality time with your children. Daycare environments do not suit all children.
  • Not having to miss work due to sickness –If your child is sick, you can rest assured that they are at home being cared at the same time allowing you to continue working. Unlike daycare where they are not able to attend, and you have to miss work to stay at home.
  • Help around the home – Nannies can also help with light housework, washing and cooking.
  • Cost Effective – The cost of a nanny is not dependant on the number of children. So for 2 or more children having a nanny is a very cost-effective solution.
  • Nanny Sharing – To cut costs, many parents share their nanny with another family, this is becoming increasingly popular, especially in cities. For successful nanny sharing its important to find a local family where this arrangement works well for both of you.

Nannies can be live in or live out, full time or part time, you let us know your families requirements and we will match you up with fabulous candidates that suit your needs.

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