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If you are just starting out as a Babysitter or Nanny, its important that you have the knowledge & skills required – and most importantly the childcare in your care are safe

If you want to be a Nanny or a Babysitter – you need to take this course!

By enrolling in the Sitter Train on line Nanny training course, you can greatly improve your chances of getting the job you want with the families you want.

The course will take you about 6 hours to complete and you can log in and log out at your convenience.

You will be asked to watch instructional videos, learn from case studies and complete short quizzes along the way.

You need to be 18 before we can connect you with families, but this course is suitable for ages 12 and upwards, so it’s a great time to get prepared for work!

This ESSENTIAL Training course covers the following in six fun, easy lessons:
Understanding Children

Learn all about: Developmental stages, Age appropriate activities, Behaviour management

Safety out and about

Going out with kids, Sun and heat exposure, Car safety, Water safety, Riding on wheels, Playgrounds and backyards, Farm safety

Basic Childcare

Holding a baby, Nappy changing, Bottle and formula preparation, Food preparation and healthy snacks, Getting dressed, Hygiene, Bath time, Bed time

First Aid and Medical

Serious injury serious illness, Cuts scrapes and bleeding, Head injuries, Fractures, Bumps, bruises and signs of abuse, Burns, Bites and stings, Allergies and asthma, Medication safety, Poisons, Choking

Indoor safety

Become an expert in Indoor safety: Fire safety at home, Pet safety, Natural disasters and emergency response

Just for you

Starting your own Babysitting Business, Being professional, Expectations, What can go wrong and know how to deal with it

Practical babysitter safety training

If you were giving a 2-year-old a bath and the 7-year-old brother calls from downstairs  “come help”, what would you do?

We not only give you the essential facts but give you real-life case scenarios so you always know what to do!

Get the advantage with Sitter Train’s online babysitter and nanny training course. When you show a potential family your Sitter Train certificate they will be impressed and keen to hire you to join their family

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