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With so many types of care available, how do you know which one is going to fit right into your family? Here we explore the world of nannies, what they do, don’t do and what they cost as well as the pros and cons of employing a nanny

What is a Nanny 

A nanny is a person, typically employed by a family, who is responsible for the care and supervision of children, caring for children in their home.

 Nannies are hired to provide childcare services on a regular basis, and their duties often include tasks such as feeding, bathing, helping with homework, organizing activities, and ensuring the overall well-being and safety of the children under their care.

Unlike babysitters, who are usually hired on a temporary basis for short periods, nannies often have a more long-term and consistent presence in a family’s life. Nannies may work full-time or part-time, and their responsibilities can vary depending on the needs and preferences of the family. 

Most nannies live out and commute to the family home, however some nannies can live-in with the family.

Live in Nannies are not the same as live in Au Pairs – who are overseas visitors on a cultural exchange

(More on Live in Au Pairs in another article)

Nannies can play a crucial role in a child’s development and provide valuable support to busy parents who require assistance with childcare duties.

Nannies can also assist with the smooth running of the household, and take on tasks such as cooking, laundry and light housework

Nanny Arrangements

Live Out Nanny : A live-out nanny does not reside with the family and typically works during specified hours. They commute to the family’s home for work and return to their own residence at the end of their scheduled hours.

Live in Nanny : A live-in nanny resides in the family’s home and is available to provide childcare services around the clock. They may have a separate living space within the family’s home.

Full Time Nanny: A full-time nanny typically works 40 hours or more per week. They may have a regular schedule, such as Monday through Friday, and provide consistent childcare during those hours.

Part Time Nanny: A part-time nanny works fewer hours than a full-time nanny, often on a regular schedule but for a limited number of hours per week. This arrangement is suitable for families who may not need full-time childcare. Many families look for after school nannies who can pick up children from school and also provide school holiday care

Temporary/Travel Nanny: Some families hire nannies for a specific period, such as during school vacations or busy seasons or for when they travel either nationally or internationally. Nannies can either travel with the family or live in and care for children whilst parents travel  This arrangement is temporary and may last for a few weeks or months.

Nanny Share : In a nanny share, two families collaborate to hire one nanny who cares for the children from both families.

Specialised Nanny : Some nannies specialize in certain areas, such as sleep consultants, maternity nurses who care for newborns/infants. Caring for children with special needs.Specialised nannies will have specific training or experience in these areas, and are available for long term or short term contracts as required.

Nanny House Keepers/ Personal Assistants , Great childcarers & oragnisers to help busy families keep the household running well

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