Dream Nannies

COVID-19 has worsened the shortage of nannies. Nannies are in high demand and the market is very competitive! Unfortunately, some job offers do not generate any interest and end up not being filled…

To generate interest in your Nanny role, attract the best candidates and receive high quality applications, the key is to be competitive in your offer!

Here is how you can generate more interest in your nanny job offer and increase your chances to fill the position you are offering :

  1. Give as many details as possible in your job description (number of children and ages, job location, languages requirements, duties, working hours, start date, length of contract, salary, benefits, type of contract etc, etc…)
  2. Make sure duties are children related ONLY otherwise this is not a nanny job. Nannies are not cleaners. For some candidates, it can be a deal breaker if they are expected to cook for the parents, do their laundry etc…
  3. Make sure your nanny will not be overworked and will have a good work / private life balance.
  4. Offer a competitive salary. Market rates for nannies went up during the pandemic along with demand. There are more families looking for a nanny than candidates looking for a new position… so the higher the salary on offer will be, the more likely you are to find good candidates.
  5. Offer as many benefits as possible (guaranteed hours, paid time off, overtime pay, health insurance or stipend, petrol reimbursement or travel card, annual bonus etc…)
  6. Make it clear that you will pay your nanny fully on the books. Good candidates will expect to be paid on payroll, and have Superannuation.
  7. Think about the hours / days you require a nanny . Are they attractive ? For example before and after school roles and split shifts wont attract professional nannies .


Peak times for hiring / finding a Nanny are :

  • January when everyone is busy with back to school and parents need to get organized for the school year. And this is the time of year when families and nannies typically part ways.
  • The Holiday season when parents need extra help while traveling &.
  • End of the school year when parents need to arrange childcare when children are out of school & when they need extra help while traveling again